Radio over IP - Overview

RoIP System Technology enables extension of your radio communication network across an IP based backbone. This enables flexible, dynamic access to the radio channels from anywhere in your network.
IP Consoles are more than just a "Radio Console", IP based Consoles enables access to additional applications and features either integrated into the console or run in parallel to the Console application. Consoles can provide features such as telephony , presence , alerting and alarming , messaging and directories.
Enhanced interoperability RoIP systems now also provide the ability to connect disparate communications devices such as telephones , mobile phones ( Cellular) , PC’s , Smartphones all into a homogenous network.
The IP Network uses multicast technology to deliver one-to-many , many-to-many , media , this technology optimises your bandwidth use and enables highly scalable consoles capacity. This technology enables many users to access and share the same channels concurrently. Sometimes Multicast is not available across either sections or the entire network due to legacy equipment or uncontrolled third party bearers , in the cases advanced services either built into the RoIP based system or configured onto the network provides the ability to transport the voice streams across a unicast path.
Unlike traditional Radio dispatch systems , most modern RoIP systems are built on a Microsoft Windows based platform using non-proprietary , standards based technology this enable you to easily increase the number of consoles simply by adding a Windows based PC.
Please Select a system below to find out more information about its capabilities.

ICON - Integrated Communications Networks
Customised IP Based RoIP system based on WAVE technology.

WAVEWide Area Voice Environment
Highly featured IP Based RoIP system developed by Twisted Pair Solutions

IPICS - IP Interoperability and Collaboration System
Highly featured IP Based RoIP system developed by Cisco Systems.

CDi - Communication Data Interface
Server/Console IP based system for radio data information such as SelCall , FSK and GPS.

R2PRadio to Phone
Lightweight small scale system enabling Cisco IP Phones to communicate with Radio systems.

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