Revolutionizing the integration between the control room and all other environments of unified communications

IP Trade provides users with an all-in appliance including 2 handsets and a speaker, allowing for up to 30 simultaneous conversations. Recognizing the need for software applications, IP Trade has also developed T4 Flex, a complete turret solution running on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.


The T4, is the turret that revolutionises the integration between the trading room and all other environments of unified communications and also matches the styling and ease of use of the most advanced tablets in the market.

Our new turret, the T4 , offers a minimal foot print whilst maintaining a 15” screen. Its modern compact design integrates 2 trader proof loudspeakers, a microphone and two handsets


The T4M has been designed to be the most compact touchscreen trading turret in the financial market. This turret model commands a minimal desktop foot print whilst maintaining a 10″ colour rich LCD display.

The T4M combines the latest capacitive touchscreen technology with the powerful trader unified communicator application (TUC) that allows the system to have 3 speaker channels. This model can be expanded with an audio module (XMA) in order to add 7 additional channels.


IP Trade’s T4 Flex Soft Trading Turret Application offers trading professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 device, maximizing flexibility and productivity.

The T4 Flex solution integrates seamlessly with the IP Trade T4 Turret suite and associated applications, allowing a user to log in to the turret or soft application without the need for external assistance, providing a powerful option for free seating, business continuity and mobility.

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