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Praesidium UGV using MPU5

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Praesidium Global M.A.P.S (Mission Adaptable Platform System) Unmanned Ground Vehicle utilizes the MPU5 as its high speed data communications network, allowing command and control of the unmanned vehicle in all terrains.

The M.A.P.S is a rugged, flexible and easy to operate UGV thats primary mission sets are to prove routes, extract and transport casualies, conduct ISR missions, support tactical resupply and accurately employ heavy weapons.

Using the MPU5 as its high speed communications network, the M.A.P.S can be controlled in a tactical environment by a vest borne End User Device for route surveillance, or remotely in a strategic environment using the radios MANET functions integrated with Cloud Relay BLOS extension. The gimbal video stream can be viewed throughout the entire Wave Relay network, providing Situational Awareness to those who need it, and can even be viewed and controlled by a submerged diver.

For more information on how the Wave Relay MANET functions, please contact us.

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