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A seamless networked solution to bridge Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) to Line of Sight (LOS) networks

Cloud Relay functions in conjunction with Persistent Systems Wave Relay® MPU5 to provide situational awareness, video and voice to any location in the world. Using BLOS bearers like SATCOM, 3G/4G or ADSL, you can extend your MANET network seamlessly to anywhere it needs to be accessed. View your video, access your voice TalkGroups, and contribute to planning remotely or in transit using Cloud Relay's Layer-2 extension functionality.

Requiring simply a Cisco Router and an MPU5 radio, your Cloud Relay nodes can be tactically deployed without transporting multiple server stacks forward to the tactical edge.


Wave Relay® is a Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking system (MANET), designed to maintain connectivity on the move. It is a scalable, peer-to-peer network which provides data, video, and voice even in the most challenging applications. All users within this MANET have easy access to all Multicast data (voice, video and data), but users external to this Line of Sight network should be able to access every service on this network.

Introducing Cloud Relay™: a seamless networked solution to bridge Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) to Line of Sight (LOS) networks.


Extend your Layer-2 networks like never before with this adaptive and innovative technology created by Persistent Systems. Now all your local Multicast data can be transported anywhere in the world and displayed as if you're right in the action. Smooth transition via Layer 3 networks such as the Internet or a private network (i.e. SATCOM) through which traffic is routed across to get it to another MANET in different parts of a city, state, country or even different parts of the world.

CISTECH Cloud Relay

Cloud Relay™ allows distributed enclaves to participate as if locally connected. Users can now move between teams without requiring any device configuration changes, allowing uninterrupted communications at any point on the battlefield, and making last minute changes a thing of the past.

• Extend tactical network to strategic locations
• Utilize Layer 3 technologies to reach back satcom & 4G cellular
• Secure VPN based, network architecture
• Maintaining Layer 2 Wave Relay® MANET allows for ease of use for user
• No reconfiguration of host devices as they move between gateways

• Leverages existing infrastructure to extend the Wave Relay® MANET worldwide
• 3G/4G Cellular, SATCOM, Wired Internet, or other Layer-3 technologies
• Seamless Layer-2 Connectivity
• Support for Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast Traffic
• Supports multiple gateway topologies


Integrated Antenna

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