The MANET Command Environment (MaCE) application is designed with the view of a serverless, “single pane of glass” window into your communications environment. Designed foremost to operate with the Wave Relay® MANET radios, MaCE provides a flexible and dynamic interface for the visualisation, configuration, and control of operational aspects of your network. MaCE’s ability to self-learn the network reduces complexities of adding nodes to the interface and provides a readily accessible overview of your deployed network from the perspective of the operator. Voice Video and Situational Awareness has never been so simple.

MaCE combines the key elements that you require to gain insight and control over your MANET network from a single integrated interface. Additional information from external sources can also be embedded through the included web browser interface allowing total control over your Situational Awareness picture.

MaCE provides for a flexible docking interface that allows the user to arrange their workspace in any manner that suits them. This flexibility ensures that the operational elements that you require are where you want them, when you want them. This provides the ability to take key elements of the operational picture and combine them on a separate screen to reduce the clutter. Support for the Wave Relay Android video transmission allows the combining multiple video feeds into a single customisable panel that can be displayed external to the main application interface and allows the network administrator to focus on relevant tasks while still providing operational awareness for staff.



  • Headless operation (no server required)

  • Day / Night themes

  • Embedded flash-capable browser

  • Embedded Document and Spreadsheet editors with no Office install required

  • Embedded PDF viewer with no Adobe install required

  • Fluid dockable interface for use in any environment

  • Network selection available which selects which network interface all modules will use​

CISTECH Mace Voice Panel


  • 40 virtual talk group integration

    • Voice Codec capability: G.711 uLaw, G.711 aLaw, G.722 HD, G.726 (16kbps), G.726 (24kbps), G.726 fixed payload, G.726 (40kbps), G.729, DVI4 Narrowband, DVI4 HD, SPEEX Narrowband, SPEEX Wideband, ILBC-30, Linear PCM, Linear PCM HD, Linear PCM Ultra HD, SPEEX Ultra Wideband, DVI4 Ultra HD, ILBC-20, Linear PCM CD Audio, Linear PCM (little endian), Linear PCM HD (little endian), Linear PCM Ultra HD (little endian), Linear PCM CD Audio (little endian), SILK Narrowband, SILK Wideband, OPUS, AMR Narrowband

  • Custom payload types for OPUS

  • Voice recording and instant playback

  • PTT log

  • Hot keys for ease of transmission

  • Listen to and monitor voice channels in configurable outputs for use in any situation

  • GV1 Radio over IP (RoIP) discovery panel

CISTECH Mace Mapping Panel

Wave Relay and Mapping

  • Display dynamically learnt Wave Relay nodes

  • Display forward and reverse SNR between nodes

  • Online and offline map source availability

  • Upload and merge offline maps locally

  • Rotate and zoom in your map panel

  • Display grid overlay in your coordinate format of choice

  • Seamless touch screen integration

  • Display information about each Wave Relay node in a grid for ease of monitoring

  • Hide or show individual nodes on the map

  • Follow nodes on the map as they move

  • GPS Error indication

  • Node heading indicator

  • CoT 2525C display

  • Serve offline map tiles to the network


  • Decode and render live audio/video streams received through RTSP,

        RTMP, HTTP, UDP, RTP, MMS/MMSH protocols

  • Record live videos locally your machine

  • Decode H264, H265 and most of the other audio/video codecs

  • Apply text overlays over the decoded frames

  • Render a second copy of a video stream without a second network


CISTECH Mace Video Panel


  • MaCE chat to communicate with other MaCE instances

  • Create message shortcuts for ease of message transmission