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MACE combines the key elements that you require to gain insight into all your operational elements, providing access to local and distributed networked elements. MACE provides voice, video, chat and situational awareness through a single pane of glass, simplifying command and control. 

Using the one application, users have access to multiple voice profiles with 20 TalkGroups in each, TalkGroup patching, video recording and restreaming, TalkGroup instant replay and recording PTZ camera control and more.

MACE provides a flexible dynamic interface for the visualisation, configuration, and control of operational aspects of your MANET network, all from within a single interface. MACE provides for a flexible docking interface that allows the user to arrange their workspace in any manner that suits them. 


TalkGroups and Patching

Compatible with Multicast, Unicast and SIP protocols, the MACE TalkGroups empower users to listen to and participate in conversations throughout their network. Each TalkGroup can be independently enabled/disabled, muted, or volume level controlled to ensure that you have total control over your environment.
Patching allows for up to 8 TalkGroups to be mixed and streamed, irrespective of transmission method (Multicast or Unicast) or CODEC, enhancing interoperation with other organisations.

TalkGroup Profiles and Features

With a Recording Licence, users can record TalkGroups to their local device for later playback. Audio can be reviewed using the Instant Replay functionality, to ensure accurate and timely information is delivered throughout your network. Group Push-To-Talk allows multiple channels to be activated simultaneously, for time sensitive transmissions.

Technical operators no longer need to be sent forward to the edge, as TalkGroup Profiles can be created and disseminated over Chat allowing forward users without technical knowledge to change their deployment profile instantaneously without manual reconfiguration.

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Network Visualization

Bi-Directional reporting of link Signal to Noise ratios in the SA picture allows for increased insight into the performance and potential bottlenecks of your MANET solution. 

Links are colour coded and represent the receive SNR from a remote peer, assisting in determination if there is an imbalance in link capability. This can then lead to direct actions being able to be taken by controlling assets to reduce network coverage holes. 

3D Mapping

DTED Elevation Tools allow for visual elevation to be placed over a map source while using a 3D map. Track aerial vehicle flight paths, or parachute descent using the 3D mapping tool. Turn on breadcrumbs to view previous locations, and enable track icon to view current heading.

MACE supports multiple maps with different map overlays displayed, providing the ability to view areas of interest in both 2D and 3D simultaneously, with different satellite, street or topographical maps as required. Have more situational awareness of movement on the ground than ever before, visualising the network in a manner never before possible.

Video Streaming and Restreaming

The embedded video player supports H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+ and MJPEG and can restream video streams between Multicast and Unicast, supporting all deployment environments. 

The PTZ function supports ONVIF, Pelco D/P, and FLIR cameras, providing video stream and camera control within the MACE application. With the recording licence, videos can be recorded and played back using the embedded CISTECH Video Player.

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