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Regardless of where technology is heading, the ability to integrate current day radio networks into IP systems is still a key requirement for the successful delivery of voice services. In a change to the traditional methodology, CISTECH develops hardware solutions to enable the rugged integration of radio systems without the need for servers, yet provides a bridging capability into the enterprise for strategic integration.

Our RoIP gateway solutions allow users on smartphones to talk to tradition and MANET based radios, laptops, transmit voice over SATCOM, all without a server. Integrating with the Klas Telecom Tactical Radio Integration Kit puts all this capability in one easy to deploy, ruggedised, roll away case.


The GV1-2010 Radio over IP (RoIP) gateway is a ruggedized, portable, single port radio gateway that provides advanced connection options to IP networks.


The compact IP67 / MIL-STD-810G form factor of the GV1-2010 can be utilised as a radio gateway, radio remote, or as a voice mixing engine to converge and convert voice streams. Capable of being powered off PoE, it is your plug and play solution for RoIP.



The GV1-2020 Two Port Radio Gateway is designed for deployable communications in mission critical environments.


Connect two disparate voice networks and extend those networks back into the enterprise, all in a single deployable chassis. The simple handset can control, communicate and configure the GV1-2020 in the palm of your hand.


GV1-2040 Desktop

This latest edition to the RoIP gateway suite brings with it the same simplified management interface, increased port capacity with up to 4 Radio interface ports, and a simplified handset that can be used to control and communicate with any of the configured radio or network participants.

Using high-grade components, conduction cooling and extended operating temperature range, the GV1 is optimised for operation in harsh environments that require TCP/IP, VoiP and analogue Voice integration.


Klas Voyager EMm

Fueled by Cistech Solutions technology, Voyager EMm is an integrated Radio over IP (RoIP) system with interfaces for radio, Ethernet and handset audio.


This unit allows for simultaneous mixing and patching of up to 4 RoIP ports with Multicast, Unicast, and SIP resources. With ultra-low power requirements, Voyager EMm is ideal for battery powered applications where SWaP is critical.


GV1-2020 EM Board

The CISTECH Solutions engineering team designed the GV1-2020 EM board to provide the full capabilities of the GV1-2020 in a smaller, lighter package, able to be integrated into your products seamlessly.


The GV1-2020 EM board has an ultra-low power requirement, typically less than 2 Watts consumption, designed for deployable battery powered environments.

CISTECH GV1-2020 OEM Board.jpg


The CISTECH range of Radio over IP Gateways have multiple interface options available. These include external handsets, as well as channel console remotes. The below single and four-channel remotes seamlessly integrate with any of our Radio over IP gateways using Multicast or SIP.


CS-61/71 Single Channel Remote

The CS-61 is an economical solution for enabling a single channel of Push to Talk capability for either SIP or Multicast protocols. The CS-61 is a breakthrough purpose build PTT Device, a single channel Multicast end point.

The CS-61 is simple to setup and use, with microphone, handset or headset options.


CS-64/74 Four-Channel Console

The CS-64 is an ideal solution for enabling multichannel Push to Talk capability for LMR applications using standards based multicast protocol.


Using the CS-64, four Multicast channels can be simultaneously monitored in a compact design for maximum portability. The CS-74 provides simultaneous access to four SIP channels.

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