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Deployable voice solutions need to be flexible and modular, allowing for users to access required TalkGroups on whichever device they have. The Oi Ecosystem consists of software and hardware devices designed to provide push-to-talk voice technology in any environment. Whether stationed in an operations centre, deployed on 
a mobile phone or in the field with a push-to-talk radio, essential and time sensitive information needs to be accessible leaving users to focus on the mission at hand.

Not all users can have access to a radio handset, but they may require secure and time-sensitive communications. The Oi software clients (Contact, Dispatch and Console) transform your Windows PC or Android phone into a communications accessory, providing access to deployed or strategic networks as well as inter-agency radio networks with the push of a button. Oi can provide end-to-end AES-256 encryption between desktop, mobile and radio gateway devices, for total protection of voice communications across your network.



Oi Console - Icon - 512.png

Oi Console

Oi Console provides a Windows desktop console operation component of the Ecosystem. This simplified UI is designed to allow the operator to focus on the communications, and not on the running of the application. Oi Console functions as a managed client application, allowing users to concentrate on their mission essential activities instead of TalkGroup configuration.


Oi Dispatch

Oi Dispatch includes all features and functionality included in Oi Console, and more. Oi Dispatch is designed as an all inclusive environment for users requiring voice communications and additional external data, all within a single pane of glass.

Oi Contact - Icon - 512.png

Oi Contact

Oi Contact enables seamless communication between multiple agencies, in multiple locations without the burden of deploying server-based solutions. Communicate simultaneously over Unicast and Multicast, or via the inbuilt SIP interface for standard telephony functions in enterprise solutions. 

Oi Admin - Icon - 512.png

Oi Admin Server

Oi Admin Server is the core application of the Oi Ecosystem software suite and provides a central interface for configuration and management of connected endpoints and users. The feature rich interface provides a diverse range of control and connections type for configuration of a range of endpoints.

Oi Session - Icon - 512.png

Oi Session Server

Oi Session Server provides the distribution, interconnect and recording capability to the Oi Ecosystem. Using the Session Server, remote users and end points can connect seamlessly into the Oi Ecosystem TalkGroups, accessing its advanced voice streaming capability. Third party devices can connect into the Oi Ecosystem endpoints using standard RTP and SIP connections using the Oi Session Server.  

Oi Certified - Icon - 512.png

Oi Certified Products

The Oi Ecosystem seamlessly integrates with CISTECH Solution's range of Radio over IP Gateways, including remote configuration and monitoring. Using the Oi Admin Server, users can automatically remotely reconfigure the GV1 suite of products with no user interaction required.



The MACE voice engine integrates with the Oi suite of products, with voice encryption being available between MACE, the Oi Ecosystem and the Radio over IP Gateways. Though MACE can act as a serverless voice participant, MACE can also interact with the deployable Oi product suite through the Oi Admin Server.

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