Power all your gear, all of the time, in any environment.

The Individual Power Manager (IPM) is the next generation of rugged, intelligent and portable power management. Smaller, lighter and more streamlined than other portable power management solutions, the IPM integrates with more than 200 types of batteries and electronic equipment, seamlessly supporting a wide range of missions and shifting user demands. The Individual Power Manager can draw power from any source – vehicle or aircraft power outlet, solar blanket, primary and secondary batteries, and more – anywhere in the world. With its built-in intelligent power management software, the IPM can power a variety of equipment and recharge batteries simultaneously – no reprogramming required. A true plug-and-play solution, the IPM reduces weight, streamlines logistics, scavenges power from any available source on the battlefield, and, above all, keeps your equipment up and running when it matters most.

• COMPACT AND EFFICIENT – Helps the individual solider reduce the weight burden and operate more effectively – especially in remote or austere environments

• BROAD COMPATIBILITY – Ensures continuous operation of mission-critical equipment – radios, satellite phones, GPS units, tablets, laptops, medical equipment, EOD equipment, power tools, UAV batteries, and more

• THREE BI-DIRECTIONAL PORTS – Power devices, manage energy sources, and charge up to two batteries – simultaneously, without any manual reconfiguration or reprogramming

• RUGGED – Fully ruggedized for military use, the Individual Power Manager withstands temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C, and can operate when fully submerged in more than a meter of water




  • Virtually all standard military issue, MOTS and COTS batteries including:

    • BB-2557 / -2590 / -2600 / -2800​

    • CWB

    • CSEL

    • 12 / 24V vehicle

    • SoloPack™

    • SharePack®

    • SnapOn® / DeWait® / Milwaukee® tool batteries

    • and more...


  • Connect and power over 200 types of electronic gear including:

    • Radios and Communications equipment​

    • Specialist Explosive Ordnance Demolition Gear

    • GPS, targeting and imaging equipment

    • Laptops, tablets and smartphones

    • Prolonged Field Care medical equipment

    • Unmanned Systems platforms and controllers


  • Case Size

    • 9.4 x 6.4 x 1.7cm (W x L x H)​

  • Weight​

    • 170g​

  • Connectors​

    • 3 x Glenair Mighty Mouse 7-pin​

  • Graphical Display​

    • LCD screen displays all power levels and remaining mission time​

  • Control Keypad​

    • Up, Down, Enter and Escape buttons​

  • Operating Temperature​

    • -20​°C - 60°C

  • Storage Temperature​

    • -30°C - 70°C

  • Immersion Resistance​

    • Waterproof at 1 meter for >30 minutes (as per MIL-STD-810 Method 512.6)​

  • Military Testing​

    • Meets MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F​


  • Battery Voltage

    • 10-34VDC (14.4/28.8 nominal)​

  • Port Max Current​

    • 6.5A​

  • Port Max Power​​​

    • 90W​

  • Port Max Current​

    • 5A​

  • Converted Output Voltage​

    • 5-34VDC​

  • Scavenger Input Voltage​

    • 7-50VDC​

  • Port Protection​

    • Over-voltage, Over-current, Short-circuit, Reverse Polarity, Surge, ESD​

  • Smart Charging​

    • SMBus 1.1 and SMBus 2.0 Support, All Ports​

  • Data Interface​

    • USB Port​

  • Scavenger Ports​

    • Two (with MPPT)​

  • Power Inputs​

    • Any DC source in 7-50V range​

  • Parasitic Power​

    • 0.5W​

  • Electrical Efficiency​

    • 90-97%​