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Portable Ground-To-Air System.

The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna delivers the throughput to go the distance. Operate with up to two MPU5s for frequency redundancy with any aircraft up to 120+ miles.

Eliminate human error, track with increased precision, and simplify setup with automatic alignment and self-calibration. The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna uses an Automatic Heading System to self-calibrate prior to operation. The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna provides higher accuracy than ever before, enabling your team to focus their attention where it truly matters: the mission.

The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna was designed for both rapid deployment and ease of use. Two people can set up the system in under 15 minutes to provide high throughput at long ranges. The system collapses into multiple, lightweight transport cases for easy portability, allowing you to set the Multi-Band Tracking Antenna anywhere without compromising performance. 

The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna can operate simultaneously in two bands to improve performance, reliability, and robustness against interference – both naturally occurring and intentional. The Multi-Band Antenna Feed covers all Persistent RF Module frequencies and is compatible with third-party radios; the MPU5 delivers accurate and precise tracking, while the third-party radio communicates with the existing systems fielded on the air platform.

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna feeds provide long range and high throughput. All of the MPU5’s MIMO capabilities such as spatial multiplexing, maximal ratio combining, and other diversity transmission/reception techniques work perfectly with the tracking system. The Multi-Band Tracking Antenna’s MIMO optimized design provides high bandwidth connectivity to manned and unmanned aircraft at distances further than ever before.

GPS jamming and spoofing are common EW threats in the modern battlespace. If the aircraft you’re tracking enters a GPS-denied environment, the Dual Band Tracking Antenna will maintain tracking and comms to the aircraft. If you think the GPS location of the aircraft is being spoofed, you can enable this mode with a switch in the Web Management Interface.

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