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In the past standard tactical, strategic and operational deployments have all viewed 'voice' as a physical item
placed on a network, requiring additional personnel and large pieces of communications equipment.
This is no longer the case. Moving into the future, we should be treating 'voice' is a service. Something that
should be accessible at every level, something that should not require additional equipment and whose
form factor is defined by the mission environment, not by who you want to talk to.

Oi Contact brings a Server-less Push-To-Talk Android Voice Application that allows users in all positions to access
and contribute to the conversation, from either the strategic, or tactical location with the push of a button.

Oi Contact enables seamless communication between multiple agencies, in multiple locations without the burden of deploying server-based solutions. Communicate simultaneously over Unicast and Multicast, or via the inbuilt SIP interface for standard telephony functions in enterprise solutions. 

Inbuilt Instant Replay on each TalkGroup means that you don’t miss that important transmission. Options are available for 1 minute, 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Scroll through, and play back any captured information so you never miss a call.

With Group Select, you can communicate simultaneously on multiple channels with ease. Visual indications will show which channels are transmitting and which are receiving, with Channel Presence being displayed for each transmission received.

Full Duplex Audio with PTT Lock means that you can communicate on one or multiple channels without having to press a button. You can send and receive voice communications from tactical and secure networks while blending in to the crowd, and stay connected hands-free while in transit.

Oi Contact supports multiple Bluetooth Push-To-Talk devices, as well as integration with standard headphone buttons. Simple voice communication has never been so easy. With a single tap to speak or double tap to PTT Lock, Oi Contact is always ready to keep you informed.

Oi Contact supports a wide variety of Codecs, including G.711 uLaw, G.726, DVI4, Linear PCM, ILBC, SPEEX, SILK and OPUS. With additional support for custom payload mapping on OPUS, you can ensure that you can communicate with all vendors irrespective of their implementation.

CISTECH Oi Contact.png


•    Unicast and Multicast Transport
•    SIP Interface
•    Instant Replay
•    Group PTT
•    PTT lock
•    Full Duplex Operation

•    Bluetooth PTT Integration
•    Multiple Channel Transmission Simultaneously
•    PTT Displays Channel Presence
•    Maximum 16 Channels and 4 SIP accounts
•    Headphone Button Mapping for PTT
•    Compatible with Android 5.0 and above

•    Individual Channel Mute
•    26 Available Codecs
•    Bluetooth Headset Support
•    Backup and Restore Settings
•    Multiple Themes
•    Payload Mapping

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