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Extending Communications Has Never Been So Easy

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

CISTECHs latest communications enhancing acquisition is our 15 metre Hydraulic Mast mounted on an easy-to-tow trailer. With an incredibly easy setup, this mast can be up, operational and extending your communications within 15 minutes.

Installed inside are 2 Lead Acid Batteries, and when paired with a solar panel mounted to the front, your MPU5 network can be operational 24 hours a day. Though the trailers themselves come with guy ropes, the freestanding mast can withstand 40km/hr winds without any assistance at full extension.

These trailers were initially tested during Autonomous Warrior 2018, with 2 trailers deployed for 3 weeks within our network, and provided coverage where other mounting solutions would not have.

If you are interested in having a look or seeing how this can enhance your communications network, please contact us.

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