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MaCE 3.2 Release

MaCE 3.2 is ready to enhance your communications and network visibility. MaCE is now even more capable and is the only application that provides integrated Voice, Video, and Mapping for up to 40 Talk Groups of audio in a single standalone - serverless - interface.

Some of the new features included in MaCE 3.2 are:

  • 40 TalkGroups of Audio

  • New OPUS and AMR Narrow-band CODEC Support

  • Offline Maps Can Serve to the Network

  • AVT Vision Gimbal Control Panel

  • GV1 RoIP Gateway Discovery Panel

  • Enhanced Network Loss and Reconnect Detection

  • Streamlined Application Startup Process

  • GPS Accuracy Indications

  • GPS Track Display

  • and much more....

To streamline each deployment of equipment, MaCE now provides the ability to serve up the offline map tiles to the network, rapidly transforming the time taken to update users with new imagery without complex server environments.

Improved visualization of position information allows for increased real time situational awareness about the true location and heading of devices within the network

The GV1 discovery and management integration means that all your GV1 devices can be quickly identified and configured even if they are using dynamic addressing. Simply click your automatically discovered GV1 to configure it's settings and integrate your radio solution in real time.

For a full list of MaCE's features, visit the MaCE Product Page or contact us for more information.

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