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Voyager Connected Battlefield - Webinar Episode #1

Klas Telecom has recently announced their 6 part webinar, looking at how the same Voyager components can be used in a backpack, mounted in a vehicle or plane, and rolled onto a ship. Throughout the series, viewers will understand how a modular approach to their mission can add flexibility, reduce downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

Episode #1, released on the 17th of April, covered the Introduction to the Voyager Connected Battlefield. Herman Leybovich, the Vice President of Engineering at Klas Telecom Government, presented an engaging introduction to the series, discussing the concepts and ideologies behind the creation of the Voyager series of equipment.

Herman relates the Voyager series of equipment to Lego, introducing a quote that says "Once boundaries are put in place, creativity sets in". Developing modular, diverse and flexible equipment allows users to introduce new piece of equipment without having to completely rebuild their solution. "In order to solve some of the most difficult challenges that we face, the solution is at least in some parts today, as it stands, having modularity in our systems where we can piece together one system to support any mission".

The webinar continues as Herman demonstrates some examples of the modularity their components can provide in different form factors, and touches on how this will lead into Episode #2 which will cover Deployable ISR and the Man Pack role.

Finally, Herman discusses how Tactical Radio integration into the Voyager Ecosystem is a game changer. Different organizations use different types of radios, so joint environments become easier to get up and running now that users can just plug in their radio to the Voyager convergence platform. This integration effort will continue, and Klas have undertaken an R&D effort to integration Link 16 on a much larger scale in the Voyager platform.

This effort has lead to the development of a Chassis which can support the power requirements of all of the different radio types, resulting in the Voyager 8 Plus. The Voyager 8 Plus allows more power to be delivered to each slot, and provides support for a new range of radios. More information on the Voyager 8 Plus can be found here.

The entire webinar can be viewed here.

Please contact us for any more information about the products discussed, or sign up for Episode #2 Deployable ISR and Man Pack by visiting the Klas Voyager Connected Battlefield website.

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