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VoyagerEMm Shipment

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Another busy week quality checking the latest batch of the VoyagerEMm for Klas Telecom.

Before any of our products get shipped, we make sure that each individual item has been thoroughly checked by one of our engineering team, ensuring our clients get only the highest quality. The VoyagerEMm was designed by CISTECH Solutions for Klas Telecom to provide an integrated Radio over IP system with interfaces for radio, Ethernet and handset audio.

We engineered the VoyagerEMm to integrate into a ruggedized chassis for use in austere environments, allowing all of our customers to leverage off this SWaP-timized piece of equipment.

The VoyagerEMm provides quad band radio re-trans capabilities with inbuilt IP stream mixing to deliver your audio anywhere in any format. Accessing your connected radios through the integrated handset interface also means you don't lose the ability to communicate on your devices once tethered.

Check out the VoyagerEMm product page or contact us for some more information.

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